The Working Pricinple Of Vacuum Oil Purifier
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The boiling point difference between water and oil is large. Under the condition of high vacuum, the boiling point of water drops a lot and the oil is heated so that the water can escape quickly from the oil. Finally the oil will start refined filtration, to make it qualified oil.


Under the action of vacuum, the original oil will be pulled in from the inlet . And then start primary filtration & heating . The hot oil will become vaporous by injection pipe, and gradually distributed in the reflecting ring, forming three-dimensional multifaceted evaporation . If the vacuum degree is 0.09 MPa in this moment, the boiling point of water will be only 50 ℃, and the oil has been heated and stabilized at 70 ℃, so the water in the oil will escape, oil-water separation.Most of the water vapor enters the condenser and condenses into water droplets.The rest water vapor will be evacuated by a vacuum pump along with the harmful gas in the oil. Then oil will be pumped out , removing particulates and impurities by refined filtration, finally finishing a working cycle. After 2-3 times cycle, water, gas and impurities in the oil will be removed thoroughly , reaching the standard of new oil.

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